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Who are we?
beingunderstood is a training and consultancy business that has been helping
clients to communicate clearly and effectively for the past 14 years.

What we do...
Our name beingunderstood™ expresses what we strive to do: we ensure that
our clients communicate clearly.

We achieve this by running training courses in which we teach our clients a form
of structured writing which we tailor specifically for business purposes.

We offer the following services:
• Training
• Consulting and document writing

Our response to feedback
One of our key operating principles is that we are client-focussed. We try to
identify our clients' needs and respond to what they tell us. They told us over
the years that they wanted our training to continue applying the highest
standards of internationally accepted excellence but they also told us that they
wanted it to be flexible and adaptable, so as to meet their own particular needs.
Our training courses reflect these demands.

What delegates say
“It was well presented! Good to
know you are only an e-mail away.
Thank you for an interesting course.”
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